9 Fat Loss Tips: Fat Loss is More Important than Weight Loss for Health

We will go straight to the point - Weight loss via fat loss is the most desired health goal. Here are 9 tips to follow if body fat loss is your goal:

  1.   Steam, bake, broil or roast your food (instead of frying)
  2.  Eliminate any rich, thick sauces and soups such as bernaise, hollandaise, alfredos
  3.  Remove skin and fat from chicken
  4.  Minimize butter
  5. Eat smaller portions - more often (5 meals a day, instead of 3 meals a day)
  6. Share dessert
  7. Chew gum while baking- especially during the holidays
  8.  Drink water before your meals. Drink 80-120 oz of water in a day
  9. Take RiduZone (Twice-A-Day) for 3 Months, 10-15 minute before breakfast and dinner: RiduZone has OEA, which is a known to increase the metabolism of body fat. OEA is also known make reduce calorie intake.



Jay N. Yepuri, MD, MS, Chief Medical Officer. Dr. Yepuri is Board Certified in Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology and a Member of the Board of Directors of Digestive Health Associates of Texas (DHAT). He also holds several senior leadership positions in organized medicine, healthcare accreditation organizations, hospitals and other healthcare industry organizations.

Shashi Marulappa, DVM, MS, MBACEO and Co-founder. Dr. Marulappa is a life-science technology entrepreneur with graduate training in biomedical sciences. Prior to founding NutriForward, Dr. Marulappa worked in clinical stage therapeutic development space. Dr. Marulappa significantly contributed to the development of RiduZone®, a new dietary supplement to support a healthy weight, appetite and body-fat metabolism, through FDA acknowledgement process.

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