One Bottle of RiduZone is Approximately Equal to 12 Liters of Olive Oil

“Diet and exercise” is the basic formula for weight loss. But if you want an extra boost in your plan to be healthier, this dietary supplement, RiduZone may help.

First of all,OEA is naturally produced in humans from olive oil. Unfortunately, it takes a lot of OEA (approximately 200-300 mL to make enough OEA in 1 capsule of RiduZone). Therefore, you will have to bring 400-600 mL olive oil to make OEA in the body.  Also, it is important to note that 600 mL of olive oil is equivalent to 4800 calories. Thankfully, RiduZone solves this problem.

Importantly, RiduZone is the only and FDA accepted dietary supplement of OEA. It is also formulated to supplement OEA to support weight loss.

Two major benefits of OEA are to help lower craving and elevate fat metabolism. Therefore, it aids in low calorie intake and high calorie burn, which are important to achieve weight loss goals.

Therefore, RiduZone supplies OEA without you having to drink a lot of olive oil and tax yourself with too many calories.

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Jay N. Yepuri, MD, MS, Chief Medical Officer. Dr. Yepuri is Board Certified in Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology and a Member of the Board of Directors of Digestive Health Associates of Texas (DHAT). He also holds several senior leadership positions in organized medicine, healthcare accreditation organizations, hospitals and other healthcare industry organizations. Learn more

Shashi Marulappa, DVM, MS, MBACEO and Co-founder. Dr. Marulappa is a life-science technology entrepreneur with graduate training in biomedical sciences. Prior to founding NutriForward, Dr. Marulappa worked in clinical stage therapeutic development space. Dr. Marulappa significantly contributed to the development of RiduZone®, a new dietary supplement to support a healthy weight, appetite and body-fat metabolism, through FDA acknowledgement process.

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RiduZone® is an FDA acknowledged NEW dietary supplement to support a healthy appetite, weight, and body fat composition.
IMPORTANT: While OEA (Oleoylethanolamide) is a naturally occurring metabolite produced in the body, the OEA in RiduZone is a New Dietary Ingredient produced by an FDA (Food & Drug Administration) acknowledged chemical method. The FDA has reviewed the method of production of OEA by NutriForward, LLC and acknowledged it as safe. RiduZone is a registered trademark of NutriForward, LLC.

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