Dietary RiduZone Resulted in Weight Loss in Humans

In one study, 50 people interested in losing weight (weight loss) were advised to take the product. Subjects included those

  1. Who had not used weight loss products before
  2. Those who experienced adverse events with other weight loss products
  3. Those whose weight loss plateaued on other weight loss agents such as phentermine,
  4. Those trying to implement life style changes (portion control and regular exercise), and
  5. Those actively being managed for medical conditions including impaired glucose tolerance, dyslipidemia, hypertension and cardiovascular diseases.

In a second study, 4 people were instructed to take the product. One of these subjects had previously undergone lap band placement. Subjects were instructed to make no changes to their diet and exercise habits.

Results & Conclusion

The early first-in-human study results support the fact that the product is a safe and effective tool for calorie restriction and weight loss. All 4 subjects in second study reported a decrease in portion size, prolonged inter-meal intervals, and no side effects.

RiduZone™ is an FDA accepted, safe, new dietary supplement that support a healthy weight, appetite and body fat composition in humans. OEA is produced in the small intestine and is a metabolite of dietary oleic acid. OEA is also the most potent known agonist of the PPAR-α receptor. OEA acts in the small intestine and induces satiety and stimulates lipolysis. In animal studies oral administration of OEA resulted in weight loss, calorie restriction and serum cholesterol reduction. In humans, the amount of endogenously produced OEA from dietary precursor is insufficient to induce weight loss.


Abstract Title: Dietary Supplementation of Oleoylethanolamide (OEA) Results in Weight Loss in Humans: The First-in-Human Case Studies" (Click to Download the Abstract).

AuthorsBelton D Hallmark, MDa, Kyle Rose, RD, LDb, Jay N. Yepuri, MD, MSc, Shashidhara Marulappa, DVM, MS, MBAc

AffiliationaDouglas Family Medicine, b Bariatric Dietitian Services, c NutriForward, LLC

ConferenceOvercoming Obesity 2016 Conference, Sept 23, 2016, Chicago, IL, USA, By Obesity Medicine Association, Poster #CHI19.