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RiduZone™ - A Dietary Supplement For Metabolic Wellness

(For A Healthy Weight Loss, Appetite and Cholesterol)

Benefits of RiduZone™ are two fold - To Reduce Calorie Intake and Enhance Metabolism. To lose weight, it is absolutely must to maintain high metabolic state while you are on low calorie diet.

Unfortunately, metabolism slows down and your body expends less energy when you are on a low calorie diet. No wonder why you don't lose weight! This is where RiduZone™ will help you....It has helped many people, and it will help you too!

RiduZone™ is a new, scientifically developed, daily supplement with a patented ingredient called OEA (oleoylethanolamide).

Advantages of RiduZone™

The biggest advantage of RiduZone™ is that its active ingredient (OEA) is already made in the human body.

OEA is a natural metabolite and its normal function is to regulate appetite, weight and the body-fat composition in the human body.

However, the amount of OEA naturally produced in the body while on standard Western diet is very small. Therefore, RiduZone™ gives you more of what you already produce and helps you with your weight loss and fat loss goals.


RiduZone™ is a Trusted Weight Support Supplement

RiduZone ™ is the only supplement of OEA in the market with the FDA acceptance as a new dietary supplement.

RiduZone™ capsules help you with your healthy weight loss goals in a natural way. It enhances the metabolism of body fat and curbs cravings (by binding to PPAR-Alpha receptors).

Who is Most Likely to Benefit from RiduZone™ ?

RiduZone™ in combination with healthy eating and physical activity is more likely to help customers with their weight loss goals.

Healthy eating and physical activity are two life style factors which play a major role in having a healthy weight. However, just these two are not enough. That is why we see many people who complain about the futility of these by themselves.


"I was not as hungry and the weight began to slowly melt off." Mother & Journalist from Tulsa, OK

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Achieve Your Weight Loss and Fitness Goals by Body’s Own Way

Week 1: You'll begin to feel slimmer because you consume 15-20% fewer calories a day. Importantly, you won’t feel like you’re starving yourself while you’re taking RiduZone

Week 2 to 8: Watch the pounds start dropping off, up to 4-8% of your body weight.

Week 9 to 12: Enjoy the long-term benefits of RiduZone as they take effect, like losing 10%-12% off your body fat and serum cholesterol.

"I've tried it all, and RiduZone has been my answer to my last 25 pounds!" JoAnn, A Bride to Be, from Dallas, TX.

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What is OEA (Oleoylethanolamide)?

  • OEA is natural metabolite which is already present in your body

  • OEA regulates your appetite and body weight

  • OEA increases the metabolism of body fat

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What Does the Industry Say About RiduZone™?

Weight management metabolite ingredient to debut backed by NDI filing

By Hank Schultz, 28-Aug-2015, NutraIngredients-USA.com

"... in a sector widely known for putting the cart before the horse, this ingredient is different in that it has already completed a successful New Dietary Ingredient notification".

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